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Technological advances are enabling companies to collect and export huge amounts of data from traditional transactional systems to user behavioral tracking systems. However, making sense of this data and providing meaningful, actionable information to decision makers in a timely fashion is still a challenge. Business Intelligence is the answer…

Business Intelligence means using your data assets to make better business decisions. It's about information access, analysis, and uncovering new opportunities.  A Business Intelligence solution involves gathering, managing, and analyzing of data -- and then transforming it into useful, actionable information.... It's about creating an information-driven business.

Unlock Your Data Assets
In the 21st century, only the most well managed and competitive companies will achieve sustained market success. These organizations will be able to leverage information about their markets, customers, employees and operations, in order to capitalize on business opportunities.  Today's managers know that no matter what their core business is, they are in the "information business".  They must drive decisions that directly influence results.  Companies who can anticipate and correctly interpret trends before the competition will enjoy a business edge. The conclusions you reach will determine the future of your company.

DTS has significant experience providing Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence related services. DTS staff has extensive experience working with tools such as ErWin, Informatica, Cognos and Business Objects. DTS database expertise includes DB2, Oracle and SQL Server databases. DTS has experience working with large enterprise data warehouse projects and integrating Business Intelligence tools.
DTS expertise includes:
Data Modeling
Data Architecture
Data Management
ETL Architecture
End-user Reporting
Data Migration
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